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Leed Certified Corporate IT Park


A LEED certified Corporate IT Park is exemplified as a flexible and reliable place to set up a business. These corporate spaces have high potential and are easy to customize as per the requirement. These Parks are considered effective for their vibrancy, greenery, calm surrounding and extravagant facilities. They are well maintained and organized systematically to give warm welcome to all - corporate employers, employees, clients and visitors. It enhances energy, productivity and provides extensive space for tenants as compared to other corporate parks.

It’s a fast paced world and we understand your need to grow fast at the same time save cost with a fully furnished office. We offer a professional presence at Thane West in Mumbai with the mobility and adaptability that is required. It is easy to select an outstanding office space in one of the leading LEED certified corporate office parks. The LEED certificate stands for trust. Our prices are very competitive and far less as compared to most other offices in the vicinity. The per square rate is also pretty low when compared to Mumbai and other places with better amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. For you it’s a win-win situation. We do not hold the tenants to a long term agreement procedure instead we help them with accurate solutions. We understand the prerequisites of our clients and we pride ourselves in providing bespoke solutions.

The locations we suggest for corporate offices are absolutely safe, flexible, credible, reliable, and create lasting impressions on your clients. The Thane corporate IT Park is a tremendous place to have a completely outfitted office with cutting-edge IT infrastructure and communication technology. Working in such a magnificent corporate place gets you the desired respect and helps representatives work more effectively in the best environment. We comprehend the client’s desires and strive hard in fulfilling every prerequisite.

Opportunities don’t come often. To enjoy the privileges and amenities at the Thane corporate IT Park, book your offices in advance. The procedure is very simple. You can enquire for the details by either writing to us at or you can simply call us at +919820063785.